Women Cell

     Male and female staff members and students in our institution are treated on par. Women cell is formed to attend women welfare and complaints on gender discrimination and harassment. Women's cell takes care of the rights of women staff and students. A committee has been constituted to give necessary counseling to needy students. This cell addresses the problems of female students and staff regarding their grievances.

Women Cell:-  " NIRUPA"


Staff Co-ordinator:

Smt. Pushpa Poulose (HOD, EEE) 

Staff Representatives:

Smt. Hemambika V (EEE Dept)

Smt. Surumi Basheer (ECE Dept)

Smt. Sharija Rameez (CSE)

Smt. Jinsha T V (CE)

Smt. Pulari B S (ME)

Smt. Mary Ancy (GS)

Student Representatives:


Shibina (B)

Ameena (C)


Shahana (CS)

Rashkana (EE)

Aleesha (CE)

Murshida P.A (EC)



Smilna Sebastian (CE)


Fathima Sahib (ME)

Shaika Shamsu (EE)

Alfiya A B (EC)

Amitha P Sunil (CE)

Asha (CS)



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2. Flash Mob (Angamaly)

3. Flash Mob (LuLu Shopping Mall)

4. Flash Mob (Obron Mall)