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Training Module

Training is given from 1st year onwards and the trainers are brought from various sectors to make the students active.The following training programs are offered to improve the employability skills.

first YEAR
  • 1.Basic English (speak, read & write)
  • 2.Verbal & Non Verbal
  • 3.Spoken English course for mediocre & Tamil medium students
second YEAR
  • 1.Intermediate English (Speak, Read & Write).
  • 2.British English Course
  • 3.Aptitude problem solving skills- Basic
  • 4.Analytical & Reasoning
  • 1.Soft Skills Training (Creativity, Motivation, Leadership, Group dynamics and Body Language).
  • 2.Aptitude Training (Analytical, Logical & Verbal reasoning skills)
  • 3.Technical Training (Programming fundamentals – C & C++, JAVA, Hardware, Networking etc)
  • 4.Mock Interview (Tech & HR) by senior faculty from the respective department
  • 1.Training on Corporate question papers Corporate Etiquette.
  • 2.Interview Skills and Mock Interview
  • 3.Monthly tests on company questions
  • 4.Weekly Group discussions & Mock Interviews

  • Job Vacancies

    Asst. Prof. in 1. Civil Engg 2. Mechanical Engg 3. Computer Science