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Quality Policy

Committed to achieve recognition as "Institution of Excellence" by consistently providing quality education in the fields of Engineering, Technology with professionalism and global outlook ensuring continual improvement.



  • To provide very high standard of technical knowledge and continual improvement in all fields of engineering through quality education.
  • To provide a high quality education in various disciplines of engineering programmes by conducting effective learning sessions and Co-curricular activities like technical seminars, workshops, symposia, conferences and Industrial Visit.
  • To encourage the students to face the technical scenario with excellent technical skills obtained through contextual analysis, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning and acquiring information through various e-learning processes.
  • To motivate students with good moral support by conducting various counseling events to strengthen their technical aspects and gain more knowledge.
  • To prepare students to adapt successfully to the new changing technologies and apply those skills in a new perspective way to meet out the demands of society, obtained through academic programmes, student support, communication and collaboration with the industries.
  • To ensure that every student is aware of the role and responsibilities of a professional engineer in society through appropriate ethical exposure to equity, public & worker safety and health considerations, together with the concepts of sustainable development and environmental stewardship.
  • To develop life-long learning skills that allow them to be adaptive and responsive to changes in society, technology and the environment, as well as career demands.
  • To provide an accredited dynamic scholarly environment wherein students learn to develop communications and leadership abilities to emerge as a complete professional.

  • Job Vacancies

    Asst. Prof. in 1. Civil Engg 2. Mechanical Engg 3. Computer Science