Grievance Redressal Cell



As per the direction from AICTE & DTE, a grievance redressal cell has been constituted. Any students having any sort of problem / difficulty are directed to meet the committee members and discuss their problem. The committee will take up the matter and on consultation with the authorities will do the needful. 


Grievance Redressal typically covers the following types of complaints:

  • Service Unavailability
  • Non-Delivery against Commitment
  • Excessive Delays
  • Injustice concerns (such as over race, caste, sex)
  • Staff Misbehaviour
  • Malpractice

Wider definition of grievance redressal covers:

  • Malfunctions under Warranty coverage
  • Product Support issues
  • Citizen Vigilance reports
  • Employee Disputes



Objectives:- To address and solve grievances of students at the earliest





Prof. Pushpa Poulose, (HOD,EEE)



1. Er. Jaimon C.V 

2. Er. Anju Rajan

3. Er. Surumi Basheer

4. Er. Twinkle P Benny



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