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Digital Library

A fully automated state of the art library is home to more than 10000 volumes of technical books, national and international reputed journals, CD-ROMs, DVDs, e-database, Project Reports, Seminar Reports, Thesis Reports, IS codes etc.

All library services like acquisition, cataloguing, issue, return, renewal; catalogue search (On-Line Public Access Catalogue) has been fully computerized. The Central Library details can be accessed from anywhere in the campus by using OPAC.Each department of the college is equipped with departmental library for specializing in their area with extensive level of knowledge boost in the field of concern of staff and students.

A Digital library has been established in Central Library premises with effective e-Iearning materials, e-database, e-journals, e-books etc. It can be accessed from anywhere in the campus for 24 hours.

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    Asst. Prof. in 1. Civil Engg 2. Mechanical Engg 3. Computer Science